Our sister company and part of the BCAS Group, Source Medical, will be attending MEDICA 2018 in Dusseldorf on 12th-13th Nov. This is the leading international trade fair for the medical sector, and one of the world’s largest exhibitions for medical equipment. They will be keeping a keen eye out for innovative medical tech which could complement their existing portfolio, and hope to see you there!

Website updates!

We are currently gearing up to make some improvements to the website in order to enhance its coherence, usability and to provide you with the best user-experience possible. Expect to see some changes and new content soon!

Taking Lone Worker Safety & Security Seriously – BCAS Biomed & SoloProtect

Investing in our team – there’s nothing more important

Working Alone, and Why is BS 8484:2016 relevant?

BS 8484:2016 (The British Standard for Lone Worker Device Services) is the bench-mark for a credible lone worker solution in the United Kingdom. The standard is important for three key reasons:

  • It determines the category of Police response a lone worker receives. A BS8484 approved solution is escalated directly into the relevant control room one level higher than a 999 call. It’s a quicker process, and a guaranteed Police response for your workers where appropriate.
  • It gives a clear indication about whether or not, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) element of a solution is accredited to EN 50518 (The European Standard for Alarm Receiving Centres).
  • It indicates that a supplier is on a financial footing to successfully deliver your solution for the duration of a contract.
  • It indicates the level of training and support a provider delivers to a customer.

NPAG Annual Clinical Engineering & IT Connectivity Conference

We work with a variety of NHS organisations and we are particularly proud to support NPAG – an innovative, self-financing organisation working nationally and based in Essex.


The exhibition content is driven by its members and you will see it’s focus this year was timely – well almost! The speakers themselves were great and the content of their presentations was certainly valuable to us as a provider of healthcare engineering services to the NHS and beyond.


The exhibition was well attended, the venue excellent with helpful staff and great food provided.


Thank you NPAG – see you next year if not before!

BCAS Biomed lands BSI certification

In an industry, where only the highest levels of quality management are acceptable, we’re thrilled to have achieved our BSI certification.

Last year, our senior management team took the opportunity to review our quality management system which meant overhauling the current one. The aim was to improve every area of our organisation including our services, products and overall customer satisfaction.

This demonstrated a continued strong management commitment, that means we’re aiming to deliver leading-edge healthcare engineering services, that are fully supported by a customer-focused services organisation.

Why is this big news?

Our competitors have equivalent certification, but not from BSI which is the most recognised certification body. It’s an internationally recognised mark that represents quality, reliability and continual improvement.

What we’re doing next.

Our continued commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence by using the BSI Assurance Mark is ongoing and this is just the start, our journey with BSI has just begun.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this fantastic news.

A new blog!

A new blog.

That’s right we’re launching a new blog here at BCAS towers. We want to include all the news around the business and showcase some of what we’re up to here. We’ll also be using it to announce exciting news-worthy events and calling out outstanding achievements around our business.

So, welcome and please, if you feel you have anything to add, or want to include, please get in touch!