Services available

Our objective is to design and deliver innovative, high quality services that bring engineering solutions along with cost and efficiency benefits for all our customers.

Here you will find a selection of the main services we offer. Please bear in mind these services, and others, are all tailored to suit each of our customers’ unique requirements.

Managed Equipment Services (MES)

There are many different interpretations of what an MES actually is. For some it’s the management of all medical equipment concerns such as ownership, provision, purchase, installation and commissioning, user training, asset management, maintenance and ongoing replacement.

BCAS Biomed offers what many call a ‘multi-vendor’ MES which incorporates many of these management services. This means all medical devices, no matter the OEM, can be provided within the service. We are unbiased i.e. independent from OEMs and service vendors

BCAS Biomed understands that the NHS needs to find innovative and effective solutions to reduce financial exposure. Our MES provides cost effective solutions at reduced risk for all medical devices including Biomed, Radiology and Pathology.

Some of the benefits of an MES with us are:

  • Predictable funding requirements and long term stable investment planning
  • Improvement in Equipment Up-time
  • Consistent maintenance regimes
  • Reduced Financial burden
  • Reduced Risk to Trusts and CCGs
  • Improved Costs for devices and services
  • Delivery of operational improvements
  • Keep abreast of current Technology
  • One Company to deal with instead of multiple contracts
  • More efficient and Value for Money

Elements of MES:

Our MES has various elements which can be added or removed as determined by contract requirements, but essentially they are:

  • Financial Audit and Planning
  • Technical Audit and Planning
  • Evaluation and Procurement
  • Training (NHSLA, Users and Technical)
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Contract Management
  • Flexible Maintenance Solutions
  • Compliance management for CQC, MHRA and NHSLA
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Reporting in line with set KPIs

An MES partnership with BCAS Biomed enables you to concentrate on what's most important - patient care

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services

It is fair to say that back in 2005, when we started providing services to the healthcare industry, we were viewed as a threat by many OEMs. However, it’s now understood that our work in partnership with healthcare organisations is aimed at maximising up-time of equipment whilst maintaining patient safety; with the objective always being the welfare and wellbeing of the patient.

We have mainly found that whilst working with us, our customers - largely the end-users, have become more aware of the value of maintaining their equipment and the importance of the OEM.

In Partnership

We have developed an honest and strong relationship with most OEMs in the form of spare parts supply, technical assistance, training etc. They understand the need to maintain their equipment – if it’s working the customer is usually happy.

Many of our customers are NHS Trusts and our contracted objectives are built around streamlining services and adding value. Where OEMs once offered discounts to the NHS, we had initially faced significant increased costs for spare parts and training - the result was an increase in costs. If we can’t work in partnership with OEMs it’s extremely difficult to maintain equipment - and our customers become frustrated.

Good OEM support helps maintain the true value of the brand that a lot of effort, and cost, has helped create. BCAS Biomed now have dedicated resource engaging with OEMs – our objective is to bring a clearer understanding of our work whilst forging partnerships that benefit the manufacturer, the customer and ultimately the patient.

Adding Value

We offer tailored engineering solutions that help OEMs reduce their costs. By utilising a combination of our hospital based, field based and HQ based engineers we can extend the reach and response times of your own service team.

Design the service components in consultation with us and we’ll deliver a service solution that works for you, one that’s results driven and scalable. Here are just some of the features, and obvious benefits, of working in partnership with BCAS Biomed:

  • ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 accreditations (ISO 14001 by end Q2 2017)
  • Reduced Costs – complement your existing team without compromise
  • Skilled resource trained on your products to your standards
  • Full UK Coverage – Field Service Engineers, Site Engineers
  • Back2Base – Full Workshop Facilities
  • Scalable – Up or Down!
  • Loan and Demo stock management
  • Complete Warehousing & Logistics Solutions
  • Compliant - full compliance with CQC, Health and Social Care Act 2012, MHRA, MMD April 2015, NHSLA and PAM

On-Site Services

We provide full on-site services in partnership with a number of our customers.

We have dedicated workshop facilities within these hospital sites, working as an extension of both the clinical and non-clinical staff to improve all areas on the Management and Maintenance of Medical Devices.

Typically we form site teams composed of:

  • Operations Manager (Biomedical Engineer)
  • Team Leader (Biomedical Engineer)
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Technical Administrative Support

Again, our services are fully compliant with CQC, Health and Social Care Act 2012, MHRA MMD April 2015, NHSLA and PAM. These include:

  • Asset Management - Medical Devices
  • Preventative and Corrective Maintenance
  • Device Evaluation and Procurement Support
  • Management of OEM contracts (Biomed, Endoscopy and DI)
  • Consumables Management - development and supply
  • End User Training
  • NHSLA Training
  • Asset Management - medical devices
  • Ensuring CQC Compliance
  • Representation on Medical Device Groups
  • Acceptance Testing - introduction into service
  • MHRA - liaison and implementation
  • Health and Safety & Medical Device Risk Management
  • Lifecycle Management of Medical Devices – including retirement and disposal IAW WEEE
  • Equipment Library Provision

Back2Base Engineering Services

Full workshop facilities, at our headquarters in High Wycombe and across our hospital sites, allow us to perform a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Investigation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Medical Device Electrical Safety Testing
  • Field Service Support

Many organisations e.g. Private Healthcare Groups, OEMs etc. require access to additional facilities, remote of their own, in order to meet the ever increasing demands of their customers.

By utilising our Back2Base facilities you are able to complement your own service offering with the assurance your procedures and quality standards will be, at the very least, met and maintained.

For companies seeking a complete solution e.g. with no/limited UK facilities, our Back2Base services combined with our Warehouse and Logistics offering can present the opportunity to access the healthcare market here with limited costs and reduced risk.

Please Contact Us to see learn more and see how we can help

Calibration Services

You need to be certain that your test results are accurate and your methods are compliant with international standards.

These measurements are critical to your success and with BCAS Biomed you can be confident in the measurement results your instruments produce. The only way to ensure performance is to follow a rigorous calibration schedule, adhering to the recommended calibration interval for each particular instrument.

Why is it important to calibrate?

Annual calibration is the most efficient way to ensure specified performance over the lifetime of your test instrument. It also guarantees continuous compliance with international quality and traceability standards.

Compliance with regional and international standards is key to any credible calibration procedure. Your instruments must be calibrated to globally accepted standards so that their results – the results that impact your organisation's quality – can be trusted.

Our Calibration Services offer the following:

  • Verification of specifications using manufacturer-developed procedures
  • Adjustment as necessary to restore performance to specifications
  • Updates to instrument firmware
  • Installation of reliability and safety updates
  • Certificate of traceable calibration
  • Test data report

Warehousing & Logistics

For organisations striving to save money on operational expenses, fixed overheads, taxes etc., our warehouse and logistics services offer flexible solutions over the short or long term. Increasingly customers require a facility offering additional services, along with engineering services, to meet the international demand of their products.

We are able to utilise our facilities and sites across the UK to ensure we meet and hopefully exceed the challenges and demands placed on our customers. Here is some of what we can offer:

  • Secure Storage
  • Asset Management – utilising our Service Management Software
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Collection, Delivery (installation if required) and Distribution
  • Engineering Services

Loan & Demo Management

We understand how important it is for OEMs to offer loan and demo equipment as and when required. This can be a time consuming and exhaustive process. Utilising our Service Management Software we are able to offer complete management of your loan and demo inventory - or just a part of it – like all of our services, you chose what you want and we tailor the solution. It’s really everything in the list above but to save you scrolling:

  • Secure Storage
  • Asset Management – utilising our Service Management Software
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Collection, Delivery (installation if required) and Distribution
  • Engineering Services – usually a defined “post-demo” service

Dental Services

AI Dental provide the specialist dental services for many of our customers. They have over 20 years of experience supporting Dental Practices throughout the UK. They provide a complete range of dental engineering services to both NHS and Private Dentists, utilising certified and competent Biomedical and Dental Engineers.

AI Dental fully appreciate how equipment failure can affect the ability of a dentist or practice to continue to operate, impacting on both patients and revenue. It is therefore vital that your dental equipment is maintained to the highest standards, achieving optimum operational efficiency with minimum downtime. These criteria can only be met by introducing proper maintenance regimes that keeps equipment in good condition. “Prevention is always better than cure”.

By choosing AI Dental as your service partner your equipment will be maintained by fully certified Biomedical and Dental Engineers, who are accredited by the manufacturers and have access to the very latest technology for testing and validating equipment. They offer a range of service solutions that are designed to meet operational and financial requirements.

Your Dental Equipment is classed as “medical devices” and should be tested in accordance with OEM recommendations and in line with MHRA April 2015 – Managing Medical Devices. This is why all AI Dental engineers are trained and certified Biomedical and Dental engineers.

What services do AI Dental offer?

First they will spend time with you, to listen, discuss and understand your requirements. This particular stage of the project is very important as it helps AI Dental build up a strong picture of your unique vision. Then they will/can provide the following services:

  • Conduct full technical evaluation of equipment
  • Full Maintenance in line with MHRA April 2015 – Managing medical Devices
  • Managed Service for on-going equipment upgrades, maintenance and training (users and managers)
  • 3D surgery design
  • Carry out all building works and cabinetry
  • Procurement & Finance
  • Install and commission all equipment
  • On-going training for NHSLA and CPD
  • End of life disposal

End-User Training

Medical devices play a crucial role in care and treatment. The number and variety of medical devices is now vast and healthcare staff handle a wide range of devices daily. Incidents involving medical devices can produce, or have the potential to produce, unexpected or unwanted outcomes that affect the safety of patients, staff and/or others.

BCAS Biomedical Services Ltd. is currently developing a new programme and are responsible for the management and delivery of Medical Device End User Training throughout a large NHS Foundation Trust. Delivery of training complements, where applicable, other established programmes within the Trust e.g. Corporate Induction, Local Induction, Mandatory Training, OEM Training, Personal Development Plans and Appraisal Programmes.

All medical device end user training, both managed and delivered, within the Trust will aim to comply with current legislation and medical devices directives from bodies including the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


This applies to all staff employed by the Trust, both professional and support workers who have access to, and are required to use medical devices within their role. It also covers all medical devices used by staff for the delivery of treatment, care, diagnosis, monitoring etc.


The key aims are to ensure systems are in place to reduce the risks associated with the use of medical devices and related incidents by ensuring all clinical staff or users of medical devices are aware of their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in relation to instruction and training.

Training Records

The Trust ensures BCAS Biomed have access to staff training records, via their own in house training management system, in order to keep them up to date and ensure compliance.

Objectives (example)

  1. To deliver, facilitate, manage or record 20 individual training events per month across the Trust, including Acute and Community services. N.B. BCAS Biomed define an individual event as one that is booked and agreed with either an authorised member of Trust staff or third party provider, e.g. an OEM or distributor, and has a date and time allocated.
  1. Work to optimise attendance at all events in order to achieve minimum target of 70%.
  1. To maintain, with Trusts’ Communications Department, an up-to-date Intranet profile that includes updating the Training Calendar weekly and submitting headline training events to the Communications Department for inclusion on a “screensaver” monthly.
  1. Update Trust’s training management system (direct or via Trust staff) within 5 days of receipt of certification/notification following attendance/successful completion at/of a training event.
  1. To facilitate quarterly medical device training audits (Training Needs Analysis) in individual wards across the Trust. BCAS Biomed to audit fully in each 12 month period from inception.
  1. To deliver monthly “on-ward” end-user training across Trust acute sites i.e. 2 per month at each site. N.B. this will be an “Introduction to Medical Devices” course designed as both refresher and new starter training.
  1. To deliver a “Drop In” Medical Device Training Day at each of the Trusts’ acute sites quarterly i.e. 4 per year at each main Hospital from inception.
  1. To facilitate, minimum one event per month, “High Level Training” for key personnel i.e. Trainers and clinical practice development nurses, across the Trust.
  1. To increase Clinical Support Agreements with OEMs/Distributors with a view to achieving minimum 70% coverage. N.B. Aim to deliver 3 agreements per quarter.
  1. To prepare, submit and present (when possible) end-user training update reports for required meetings across the Trust.

Technical Audit and Planning

BCAS Biomed can offer various levels of Technical and Financial Audits. These range from the most basic asset inventory check to a full Technical and Financial audit to integrate with a device lifecycle maintenance program.

Financial and Technical audits relate to the accumulation of device information prior to being placed on a contract or for the purposes of device lifecycle management. It assists an organisation in compiling a complete inventory of assets, condition and serviceability.

The basis of the technical audit is to record the make, model, serial number, age and designation of all equipment on site and to record the departments they are located. Processed data is uploaded into our Service Management Software and presented to the customer in excel format on a line by line basis.

The information presented from the Technical Audit allows the customer to establish an accurate starting point to form a maintenance policy for device management and provides crucial information such as condition and age for capital replacement programmes.

BCAS Biomed utilises various techniques to integrate and manage equipment records within the database and on-site. The use of bar-coded asset labels is the most common, whilst new technologies such as RFID labelling brings a whole new dimension to asset management.

Evaluation and Procurement

As an independent service organisation, BCAS Biomed can provide technical and financial evaluation on products for any customer. This can form part of the device Life cycle program or stand as a completely independent audit for OEM’s or the NHS.

BCAS Biomed can provide the customer with in depth information on devices as well as co-ordinate evaluation demonstrations for the purpose of tenders or studies. We utilise our Service Management Software for statistics and expenditure records where available and ECRI HPCS for product comparison.

Our evaluation will include Compliance with CE and device regulatory requirements, cost analysis, financial auditing, technical evaluation of the product, researching historical data on product performance, maintenance costs including Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates and device disposal requirements at end of life.

We also advise the customer on potential technical problems with the device in question with regards to known MHRA Notices or AIR incident reports that may affect the decision to purchase, as well as a quality notice with reference to the overall quality of the device and expected useful life cycle.

Once all these process has been successfully completed, the customer is presented with an evaluation report and a product comparison if required for purchase purposes.

BCAS Biomed can also manage the procurement process on behalf of customers, taking the process from initial planning through to a recommended product for the customer to make a decision based on all the facts.

A note on our Service Management Software…

Our customers, present and future, need assurances that BCAS Biomed are investing in their infrastructure. We have made considerable investment in our IT and Database systems’ over the years. We now use a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that spans our organisation, bringing improvements across our business and, with it, benefits to our customers.

Our Service Management Software is in continual development and as such, allows us to develop and grow our business without fear of running an out-of-date solution. Some key features and benefits of our Service Management Software are:

  • Asset Tracking & Configuration Control - with serial/asset numbers and full audit trail
  • Call Logging - with diary, SLA escalation and full audit trail
  • Engineer Dispatch - with job update, parts usage and invoicing
  • Logistics Control - for warehouse and vehicles, both repairable & disposal parts
  • Remote Engineer Access – allows full information flow between our engineers and service centre whilst retaining central control. We run this on Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops in both online and offline modes
  • Remote Customer Access - allows you to log service calls, check status of outstanding calls and run standard reports
  • Application Programme Interface - allows information to be transferred electronically between our systems